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Saint-Sauveur closed to vacationers

Saint-Sauveur closed to vacationers

SAINT-SAUVEUR, QC. — The idyllic vacation spot in the Saint-Sauveur is now closed to short-term visitors.

The Laurentian town 75 kilometres northwest of Montreal has joined other municipalities in banning cottage rentals under four months.

Short-term rentals are now limited to bed & breakfasts and businesses in a commercial zone.

Town officials ruled on the new bylaw will cut down on noise from holidaymakers.

No one from Saint-Sauveur was available for comment Wednesday, but in neighbouring Morin Heights, the law has been in place since 1999 to cut down on hustle and bustle, explained Yves Desmarais, general manager of Morin Heights.

"There's definitely too much pressure on the neighborhood. More traffic, more noise and eventually people who don't exactly blend with the neighbors and it causes problems," he said.

Short-term renters leave a mess and don't care for the region like owners do, said real estate agent Gerard Siegmann.

"People who are on vacation, they have a tendency to have more parties and stuff like this," said Siegmann.

Cottage owner Olivier Hamel disagrees, saying he owns his house, pays taxes and should have the right to rent his home.

"It helps some people to renovate their places and to pay the mortgage and to pay taxes. It helps the value, it helps everybody," he said. "I think it's a right we should have."