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More cash-strapped home owners turning their houses into billboards

More cash-strapped home owners turning their houses into billboards

Back in May of last year, MSN highlighted Adzookie, a marketing firm that was looking to slap a billboard on anything.

5DD28B60396294639314AB6DA31BYou’ve heard of people being paid to tattoo themselves with a company logo or slogan, but to our knowledge this was the first time consumers had agreed to paint their entire homes …

… yes, entire homes …

… with a company logo. It was drastic, but also a sign of the times. With so many houses underwater in value, this was the only way many people could make their mortgages. And at last count, more home owners are choosing to turn their homes into advertisements to keep from losing them.

According to Reuters, many residential homes now in California have jumped on the house-branding bandwagon, allowing their homes to be painted with garish designs for thousands each month.

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Brainiacs from Mars, another marketing company, is the latest to enter the house-painting sector; the firm’s founder and CEO Romeo Mendoza says his hope is to turn 1,000 homes across the U.S. into giant advertisements for his brand.

If that sounds ridiculous, consider that Brainiacs from Mars pays nearly $2,000 per month for painting your house as a billboard, according to figures reported by Reuters.

Since he advertised the opportunity on his website last April, Mendoza says he’s received some 38,000 applications from people wanting to paint their homes for cash.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Mendoza said. “People are hurting and struggling to stay in their homes. If we can help some of them, that would be great.”

What do you think? Would you ever go so far as to have your home painted in exchange for having your mortgage payments covered?